Try a new recipe from around the world

Christmas is not a time, nor a season to celebrate, it is just a mindset to enjoy the holiday and celebrate the magic, happiness and mystery in life. It is a religious and cultural festival celebrated among millions of people every year. People generally start preparing for its celebration a month and a week before the actual celebration. They are associated with distributing gifts among the children. Food and travel are one and the same for the travelers. It is one of the most pleasurable aspects to try the different recipes of the destinations you visit & experiencing the eatables of the local people.

These food items include Fresh Spring Rolls from Vietnam, Khao Soi from Thailand, Confit de Canard from France, Skyr from Iceland etc.

Places to visit during Christmas

Roaming around the world on the auspicious occasion is a great fun during the festive Christmas season. You can make it more exciting by visiting the most wonderful places in the world and  capture a wonderful place in your memory forever. Just enjoy the special meals and treat yourself with the delicious dishes from around the world. Lock your house, put up some lights and off you go to your travel destination.

There are a lot of places to visit around the world on this christmas. Every place has its own Christmas celebration strategy.


For an exciting Christmas experience you can visit Alaska. It is an excellent destination for your Christmas holidays. You can visit the majestic mountains, glaciers, sparkling lakes, and most significantly the polar bears can be enjoyed and unforgettably a lots of snow. Alaska is the best destinations for wildlife enthusiasts. It offers various amazing activities like snowboarding, skating, and skiing.

San Francisco, California

With a lot of cultural attractions and well-known landmarks, San Francisco offers something different for individuals in the family. The city is full of natural beauty as well as the renowned Golden Gate Park and other botanical gardens.

Vienna, Austria

It is one of the best places to visit during Christmas vacations. During christmas celebrations, the whole city turns into a big round of lights, music and wine in the atmosphere. You must not miss the shows in city hall, at this time.

Strasbourg, France

This place is known as the ‘Capital of Christmas’. It is the home of winter holidays. Strasbourg is the oldest and the best market for Christmas in entire France. Many visitors leave gifts under the Christmas tree.


Manchester is a city full of life, but with the Christmas celebration, the enjoyment boosts up to the next level. The event becomes a grand celebration every year. From handicrafts to jewellery, food items, every item has a variety of things that you wish to buy on affordable prices.

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